Heeei, what’s all the noise, are you drunk? Angela, is that you?
Pax vobiscum, woman!
Shut up, you! A crime is being committed, Honorable Mayor!
A crime?
He, you stand there fast asleep and a man is seducing a virgin!
… Where?
Right under your nose!
At this time of night? Who is it?…
It’s your young friend Fabio!
Aaaaahahahaha, that young goat! Who, whooo is the lucky girl?
Hii ihi, the lucky girl, Mayor Stupid of the stupid city of San Stupid is you daughter, Angela!
Angela, my baby Angela? It’s impossible, she can’t do this to me!! Rosa, Rosa, maybe… maybe it’s love…
She doesn’t know what love IS!!! And she’s making it RIGHT NOW!!!
I brought her to you, you were supposed to teach her!
It’s the mother’s fault!
I told you SHUT UP!

Listen, mayor Bombolini, I demand that you put on your pants IMMEDIATELY and come down and kill him!! Or kill yourself, I really don’t care which!
Don’t worry Rosa, I’m gonna punish that boy so he’ll remember it the rest of his life!