Marta cu th: cucu
Marta cu th: uuuuuuuuuu
Alistarless: oi, girl
Marta cu th: hola signor
Marta cu th: I am lost
Alistarless: how’s ma punk rock supa star doing?
Marta cu th: I am looking
Marta cu th: fur nice company
Marta cu th: am lonely
Marta cu th: do iu know this town good?
Alistarless: yes, i happen to know this city actually well
Alistarless: at least that’s what they say
Marta cu th: what can I call you, stranger?
Alistarless: but it’s dangerous at night
Alistarless: you can call me aziz
Alistarless: the son of a turkish merchant in the traian mahala
Marta cu th: ok aziz
Alistarless: i make good kebab, ya kno
Marta cu th: I am Fandosella, but for some reason they call me Mona
Alistarless: oh, but what do you sell, fandosella?
Marta cu th: sell? I do not know this word, sell
Marta cu th: teach me what it mean
Alistarless: well, it comes from the romanain fandare (s.f)
Alistarless: are you into aerobics?
Marta cu th: a little bit
Marta cu th: but I was never good enough for the big shows
Marta cu th: why, are you a producer?…
Alistarless: compose and producer
Alistarless: and film director
Alistarless: and a beggar on the street
Marta cu th: what?
Marta cu th: buy whai are yiu a beggar if you are a director?
Marta cu th: yiour country is weird
Marta cu th: I do not undestand

Alistarless: don’ all the directors beg?
Marta cu th: i have the impression that you are more phylosophical than me
Alistarless: yes yes i do that all the time while cutting my nails
Marta cu th: ooooo, what a coincidence
Marta cu th: I am just polishing my nails
Marta cu th: isn’t that just WEIRD

Alistarless: oh, so you’ re polish?
Marta cu th: no no, but my fingernails are
Alistarless: why don’t you deutschland your nails?
Marta cu th: oh no, deutschland was very bad for polish
Marta cu th: deutschland not good
Marta cu th: hitler not good for polish fingernails

Alistarless: heh
Alistarless: life’s little jokes
Alistarless: don’t you think hitler ever polished his nails?
Marta cu th: I think he polished the nails on the European coffin
Alistarless: oh, what a metaphor!